North Union Township
7 South Evans Station Road, Lemont Furnace, PA  15456
Established March 11, 1851

Phone 724-438-6316  ~  Fax 724-438-4177




Township Supervisors
 Robert Tupta ~ Curtis Matthews ~ Ronald T. Landman, Jr.

The Township is governed by a three (3) member Board of Supervisors, each is elected for a staggered six (6) year term.  The Supervisors are vested with the executive and legislative powers of the Township.  They establish municipal policy and enact laws that will help maintain the health, safety and welfare of residents.  The Supervisors also set the budget, pay bills, establish tax rates, executive contract, etc. 

The Secretary and Treasurer are appointed by the Supervisors each year.  Under the Supervisors direction, the Secretary manages the daily functions on the Township Office, while the Treasurer is responsible for the proper accounting and reporting of all financial activities of the Township.  The Treasurer also prepares budgets and provides financial information to the Board.



The Township Supervisors meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 3:30 p.m. at the Municipal Building.  The Supervisors ask that you notify the Township at least (3) working days prior to the meeting , if you have an item of official concern to discuss at the meeting.

Road Department - Office Clerk
Thomas Haragos
~ Franklin Matthews ~ Gregory Moscalink ~ Michael Yourchik
Stephen Stiner ~ Ralph McClain ~ Carl Wilson ~ Susan Filicky

The Road Department is comprised of seven (7) full-time employees who maintain over 76 miles of state qualified roads and 15 miles of non-qualified roads and (1) Office Clerk.  We have a fleet of 8 plow trucks, 6 regular trucks and 2 backup trucks.  The Department is responsible for the maintenance/repair of equipment, erection of street signs, winter snow removal, storm sewer and drain work. 

The office clerk handles anything that comes into the office from paperwork that needs filed, phone calls coming in and miscellaneuos bookkeeping.

Code Enforcement Officers
Jay A. Stutler     Office Phone  724-438-0802

The Code Enforcement Officer has the powers and abilities which are granted to him under the laws of the Commonwealth, of the rules of the supreme court of the ordinances of the Township for which a fine or penalty is imposed unless otherwise expected in this act.

Board of Auditors
Robert Bodnar ~ Donald Santore ~ Lawrence McLaughlin

The Board of Auditors settles and adjusts the accounts of the Township Annually in accordance with the provisions of the second class Township code.

Tax Collector
James Mari - Office Phone 724-438-0249
His office is located at 
1197 Connellsville Road, Lemont Furnace, PA  15456

The Township and County taxes are included on your bill, which are mailed in February of each year.  The School District taxes are mailed in August of each year, with all tax bills having discounts, face and penalty periods.  Also, included on these are per capita. 

County        Township         School

If your home is appraised at $100,000.00 you would pay the following is Real Estate Taxes:

Township ......................  .447 Mills (2.1%)               North Union Township Tax                         $44.70
County ........................  5.51448 Mills (25.9%)         County of Fayette                                         $551.45
School District ..........15.3473 Mills (72%)               Laurel Highlands School District         $1,534.73

The Township and County taxes are included on your bill, which are mailed in February of each year.  The School District taxes are mailed in August of each year, with all tax bills having discounts, face and penalty periods.  Also, included on these are per capita. 


Southwest Regional Tax Bureau (SWRTB)
Earned Income Tax & Local Service Tax


SWRTB collects the Earned Income Tax, which is 1% of your gross wages.  SWRTB also collects the Local Service Tax, which is $52.00 each year effective July 1, 2010, for anyone working within North Union Township earning $12,000.00 or more per year.  This amount is split $47.00 to the Township and $5.00 to Laurel Highlands School District.  Any employee earning $12,000.00 per year, is required to pay $5.00 which is applied to Laurel Highlands School District only.

Township Solicitor
Attorney Donald McCue

The Township Solicitor shall prepare ordinances and resolutions, take legal action on behalf of the Township, defend the Township on all legal matters and render legal opinions to the Township. 

District Justice
Nathan Henning - 724-437-0557

The District justice shall act on summary offenses, matters arising under the Landlord Tenant Act, civil claims not exceeding $8,000.00, traffic offences, preside at arraignments and preliminary hearings, fix and accept bail and conduct marriage ceremonies

K2 Engineering, Inc., 234 Pittsburgh Street, Uniontown, PA  15401   Phone 724-439-3440
Please visit their website at   

North Union Twp. Municipal Services Authority - 724-438-6330
Garrett Mechling  - General Manager ~ Angela Jenkins - Billing
W. Curt Matthews - Plant Manager
~ Jim Cooper - Laborer

 Board Members
 Robert Tupta ~ Curtis Matthews ~ Ronald Landman ~ Robert Garbart ~ Ron Cole

The sewage board consist of five (5) members that are appointed by the Township Supervisors to serve on behalf of the township regarding any decisions that need to be made for our public sanitary sewage system. They meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the North Union Township Municipal Building following the regular township monthly meeting.     

The sewage department is responsible for maintaining all public sanitary sewage lines and if any sewage extensions will be made.  If any problem occurs with your sewage line you need to contact Garrett once you are positive the problem does not exist in your own line. 

 If you are building a new structure, you must also contact Garrett at the Sewage Office and obtain a sewage permit for each structure/rental space that is being built. Before you can apply for a zoning permit, you must have this permit purchased.

Office Hours 7:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. Monday Friday

120 Commonwealth Drive, Lemont Furnace, PA  15456 (Located in Rec Center)

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