7 South Evans Station Road, Lemont Furnace, PA 15456


Attention: North Union Township Resident

Marilungo Disposal, LLC, is our contracted hauler and will still be picking up recycling monthly.  The days are based on the first full week of each month that start with Sunday for 2022 and the days are as follows:

Mondays are in the areas of Hopwood, Jumonville, Coolspring, Laurel Terrace, Homewood Terrace, Lemont Furnace, Morgan Station, Youngstown, Shady Grove, Mount Braddock and Piper Hollow. Pick up dates: 1/3/2022; 2/7/2022; 3/7/2022; 4/4/2022; 5/2/2022; 6/6/2022; 7/5/2022**; 8/8/2022; 9/6/2022**; 10/3/2022; 11/7/2022 and 12/5/2022.

Tuesdays are in the area of N. Gallatin Avenue, N. Gallatin Avenue Ext., Bute Road, Oliver #1, Oliver #3, Springwood, West Leisenring, Bethelboro, Evans Manor, Ruby View, Connellsville St. and Road, University Drive, Country Roads between Bute Road and Route 119.   Pick up dates: 1/4/2022; 2/8/2022; 3/8/2022; 4/5/2022; 5/3/2022; 6/7/2022; 7/6/2022**; 8/9/2022; 9/7/2022**; 10/4/2022; 11/8/2022 and 12/6/2022.

Wednesdays are in the area of Brownwood City, Phillips, Holiday Mobile Park, Vances Mill Road Area, Route 51 to Route 40 (to Menallen and South Union Twp Lines) all side streets and country roads.  Pick up dates:  1/5/2022; 2/9/2022; 3/9/2022; 4/6/2022; 5/4/2022; 6/8/2022; 7/7/2022**; 8/10/2022; 9/8/2022**; 10/5/2022; 11/9/2022 and 12/7/2022.

** Because of 4th of July and Labor Day all pickups are pushed back one day. Check dates above.

We also keep information posted on our Facebook Page North Union Township News and Events for further information. 

If you happen to miss your collection day, the Fayette County Recycling Program does have dumpsters set up at Penn State near the Office of the Chancellor and Uniontown High School off Grant Street.  All recyclable items can be placed into the recycling bin, however, NO BAGS are to be placed within the bin.   Also, Fayette County Recycling Convenience Center has their center located at 105 Romeo Lane, Uniontown, PA  15401 and accepts drop offs between:  Monday and Thursday    7:30 am – 3 pm; Wednesday  10 am – 5 pm (January-March) then resumes to 12 pm – 6 pm (April-December); and the 4th Saturday of each month from Saturday       8 am – 3 pm during the months of January – October. They also accept Hard-to-Recycle Items such as appliances, electronics, mattress/box springs, and passenger/light truck tires with a small fee to dispose of them.  If you need additional information on Hard-to-Recycle please call their location at 724-430-4884.

Thank you for supporting our recycling program!              

North Union Township Supervisors

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